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Whatchu Been Listening To?

Rick V, Johnny Ketchum, Eric Lappe (sometimes)

We here at Whatchubeenlisteningto know that one thing the listener has less of in today's fast moving world is time. We know you don't have time to experience a musical group's songs let alone their full discography. That's where these two (formerly three) thirty-something punk types step in. We talk about what we have currently been listening to along with short snippets of audio of that previously mentioned thing-we-have-been-listening-to. Not only that, but we also play tiny snippets of any other musical thing any time we happen to mention while talking about the twice previously stated thing-we-have-been-listening-to! "But wait!", you ask, "Doesn't that take a way too much effort to hunt down a piece of music only to play ten to fifteen seconds of it!?" Why yes it does! But we do it for you, the listener! Not only that, our episodes are meticulously edited! We strive to edit out 90% of the 'um's, 'yeah's, 'like's, long pauses and stutters! Not only to keep us from embarrassment but to save you time! "Hold up", you ask in astonishment, "Doesn't that take up a whole lot of time and effort!?".Heck yeah it does! We hate it! But we also hate wasting minutes of the listeners day hearing our grammatical downfalls. And to save you any more time, our intro music is eleven seconds long! So get educated on alternative music while saving time! Listen to more music and less podcasts! Sidenote made for searchable reasons: This is an official spin-off of the Let's Get Podcast hosted by Eric Lappe.